A New Record by Psy: 38 Million Views in One Day for His New Video

Date: 29.05.14

A New Record by Psy: 38 Million Views in One Day for His New VideoThe debut video ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY has become a smash hit on YouTube, the first clip in its history that got 1 billion views. However, the South Korean super star is not going to stop on that as his new video ‘Gentlemen’ has already hit 38M views in one day, making a new YouTube record on April 14. The latest clip is an original combination of rhythmic beats and toilet humor. Some episodes from the clip are rumored to be a hidden ad for Candy Crush Saga. ‘Gentlemen’ was watched by a million of people in only four days, while it took ‘Gangnam Style’ almost two months to get the same result.

“Gentleman” has broken the official record of maximum views in one day. Before, the record was set by the documentary called KONY in March, 2012: 31 million views.

The new video became the most searched one in a flash, right after it has been launched. ‘Gentleman’ got its top place in YouTube chart, knocking off ‘Gangnam Style’ to the second place.

The first clip by PSY become the most popular hit on the video-sharing site overnight. Actually, it bumped off world famous ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber from its top place. It’s interesting to note that ‘Baby’ held this position since the beginning of 2010. If the popularity of ‘Gentlemen’ continues to grow by leaps and bounds, PSY will get impressive revenue. It was revealed that ‘Gangnam Style’ generated over $8 million only on YouTube. So, let’s do simple math – if the creator of the video got half of the revenue, so PSY most likely received an award of $4 million dollars. The success of ‘Gentlemen’ may bring a lot more money for the South Korean singer.