About best dance videos on YouTube

Date: 11.06.14

Best dance videos on youtubeIf you think that YouTube is a place for viewing clips, movies, advertisement, funny things and show business events, so you are very mistaken, merely because you can find lots of dancing moves. Such video tutorials can become very helpful for people who can not dance and feel awkward at disco parties. Actually, learning some cool dance moves will be nice for everyone. This list includes the best dance videos on youtube, so view and use it.

Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply
The video lasts six minutes and consists of well-known moves for the last decades. Moves are shown by one man, whose name is Judson Laipply. Every popular move from Twist to last modern dance elements. It is very funny to watch this video. Firstly, this video was published in 2006 and immediately it became popular. For the present day, there are over 204 million people have viewed the video. It is one of the viral videos.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance
It is actually beginning of unusual wedding ceremony in the world. Instead of classic music you will hear dance music and see guests making funny dance moves together with fiancé and fiancée. The song was by Chris Brown, so this wedding will stay the most unusual and funniest beginning from 2009. Excellent idea of funny wedding belongs to Jill and Kevin.

CPDRC Inmates Thriller
Have you seen a dance version of zombie thriller shown by the inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu City? Simple aerobic moves and cool song of Michael Jackson. YouTube audience was surprised by this dance video, so today it has over 21 million views. Funny elements of exercises instead of traditional aerobic moves.

Baby Break Dance
It is dance of a small boy with cool break elements! Usually children of his age are busy with toys, but this boy prefers break dance to toys and games. He is just 2 or 3 years old, but how skillfully he makes difficult elements of break! It is possibly the funniest video about dancing baby. There are more than 41 million views under this video.

World of Warcraft: Dancing
World of Warcraft is a dance performed by heroes of computer games. They copy popular dance moves and as a result we have viral video. When watching this video post, viewers have a feeling like game heroes stopped the war and demonstrated cute dance skills. It is the best video with game characters and today it has 18 million views.