About us

Here at Voogen our main goal is to promote your video on YouTube in genuine and humanly way. What we use are real manually generated likes, views, comments or dislikes.

We always keep up with all the latest changes in YouTube policies, so with us you can be sure your video is soon visible in the top of YouTube charts. Per example, today YouTube’s policy is to count only one view from one IP address. However, with our refined service you should not worry about it.

Years of experience included our assistance to celebrities and show biz corporations. You might not realize it, but a distinct part of successful promotional campaigns are our products. Many notable musicians, sportsmen and extreme sports stars used our service in their promotional campaigns.

We used to work with businesses, but today we feel we are ready to work with individuals directly. Let’s face it, working with individual customers is more challenging and may require more knowledge and technical skills. Each person is unique, and meeting their needs can be demanding. But we switch to tailor made video promotion service consciously and responsibly. We think our success gives us right to work with each person, who is willing to become famous with YouTube.

Our staff is mainly US and UK based professionals, so with us you are sure to receive modern service with consideration of current world video marketing requirements.

Our promotion solutions include:

• Assigning your video with true manually generated views (500,000 daily and more);

• Ensuring you receive genuine human likes;

• Generating comments on your video, and bringing them to public attention via discussion;

• Sending your videos via our emailing list (up to 5,000 addressees). Only real people are on the list. Therefore you are sure to receive real feedback via comments, likes or subscriptions;

• Worsening your competitors’ videos’ rankings by assigning dislikes to them.

We can also work out the whole strategy of a promotional campaign for your video.

We offer 24/7 technical support to our customers. We guarantee 100% money back without a word, if we failed to meet deadline set up by you.

Our main goals are giving your video the public attention it deserves. We cannot put up with good videos going unnoticed and their authors dissatisfied. Come and check, how much we can do for you!

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