An Advantageous Choice for Buying Youtube Views –

The Internet has given us a lot of great opportunities, including sharing videos with the whole world. Posting videos at YouTube is extremely popular, as this website has a large amount of users, which continues to grow. The social network has a wide range of advantages, such as ability to upload and share content for […]

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About best dance videos on YouTube

If you think that YouTube is a place for viewing clips, movies, advertisement, funny things and show business events, so you are very mistaken, merely because you can find lots of dancing moves. Such video tutorials can become very helpful for people who can not dance and feel awkward at disco parties. Actually, learning some […]

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A New Record by Psy: 38 Million Views in One Day for His New Video

The debut video ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY has become a smash hit on YouTube, the first clip in its history that got 1 billion views. However, the South Korean super star is not going to stop on that as his new video ‘Gentlemen’ has already hit 38M views in one day, making a new YouTube […]

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Methods to Get Many Views Fast

When you upload a new video on YouTube site, your profit from it not only financial. The same as money, number of views is also important for the business. Modern internet world offers diverse methods, using which you can increase total number of views. These methods are both free and for money. People often argue […]

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New Online Video Channel is Created by BuzzFeed in a Partnership with YouTube and CNN

Probably you’ve heard of a popular social news website called BuzzFeed, well-known meme generator. Recently, it announced that it’s about to launch a new online video channel in partnership with YouTube and CNN. John Steinberg, chief operating officer, stated that the company is planning to make a significant investment in the two upcoming years. The […]

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YouTube vs. Microsoft: a Fight over a New Windows Phone App

YouTube is again in the center of a new scandal. This one was quite predictable: a week ago, a famous software giant introduced a new app for its Phone 8 Platform. This application makes it possible to easily access YouTube and play videos. However, the video sharing service is not happy about this invention and […]

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Harlem Shake Is Commemorated by YouTube

The world’s largest video streaming platform has a nice surprise for its users. When you enter the phrase “do the Harlem shake” on YouTube search, this initiates a funny dance right on the search page! Similarly to Harlem shake videos, the dance on YouTube starts from back-and-forth movements presented by the company’s logo. Very often […]

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