YouTube’s in Search for Better Videos: A New Production Space Opens in Tokyo

In the recent years, YouTube has been continuously investing in technologies provided to the creative individuals who upload new clips to the biggest video sharing platform. Purchasing Next New Networks was the first step to improve the performance of the YouTube creative community and the quality of clips. Since then, the company spends a fortune […]

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Google Introduces ‘Send To TV’ Feature To Update YouTube iPhone And iPad Apps

Owners of iPhones and iPads can improve their experience of using modern devices by taking advantage of a new feature recently issued by Google. Being called ‘Send to TV’, this feature is a Google update equivalent to popular Airplay. It allows users to pair their gadgets to selected TV sets in seconds, making playing videos […]

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YouTube New Feature: Music Subscriptions

The biggest video storehouse, better known as YouTube, is about to introduce a music subscription plan for potential and current users. Fortune states that this service is aimed to help users listen to new and dated tracks online. Additionally, it may cut the amount of commercials preceding each clip for subscribers. YouTube’s profit heavily relies […]

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Is It Possible to Use a Social Media Video in B2B Promotion?

At the first sight, the answer should be “No”. This is what business owners or CEOs often say: “We sell to businesses and not to individuals. Businesses are not engaged in watching social media videos”. However, statistics prove the opposite. As many as 3/4 of top managers confess watching videos concerning their area of business […]

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People who are making hundreds of thousands dollars with YouTube

Would you presume that sharing videos on YouTube can be a source of profit, comparable with your ordinary salary? And how would you remark on an implication that this occupation can bring you as much as hundreds of thousands dollars yearly? Would you lol? You’d be wrong! No one says that earning on YouTube is […]

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Marketing on YouTube: 6 handy tools for social media promotion

Not often internet marketers consider YouTube as an effective social media platform. But are they right? With 72 hours of videos uploaded each minute it gives us plenty of chance to make our product noticed. Interestingly, authors of the service offer a range of tools to help us. Advertisers Playbook. Clicking on this YouTube link […]

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How can you turn YouTube into an effective marketing tool

Today we are living in time of enormous freedom that internet and social media give us. Per example, a few years ago we would buy our music from a specialized store. Today as much as 64% of teen-agers report they find all music they need on YouTube, and listen to it 24/7 with the help […]

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