Gangnam style phenomenon; or what makes a viral video

If your eyes and ears are not impaired, you have obviously watched “Gangnam Style” video at least once. Confess, if you watched more than once, I shall understand, as I watched it three times: for the first time because it made a buzz, for the second time, because my children wanted to watch it; and […]

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What are the best options for video hosting?

A Comprehensive guide to existing web video hosting services, shared according to my own experience. I am a web business owner. My site is dedicated to distance teaching English. Some of my lessons are plain text versions, and some require video learning materials. Needless to say I have Members Only areas in my site. All […]

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YouTube customized brand channels’ design

Earlier this year YouTube decided to narrow list of customizable channels’ designs. From that time, only some choice was left available for free. You can choose between only four layouts. You can apply a unique colour for the background, and use your own background picture. You cannot use an original theme; neither can you change […]

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