How to get Youtube views

I don't want to use PayPal, can I pay via credit card?

Yes, you can. Contact us using our contact page and you will get all the details how to do that.

How Can You Guarantee I Receive My Views?

First of all, we guarantee 100% refund, if you did not receive as many views as we promised. If in doubt, please check testimonials of our satisfied clients. If YouTube introduces some updates, certain slowing down of traffic can turn up. Same thing can happen, too, due to regular technical maintenance on our site. We shall surely notify you, if this is the matter. Such cases never relieve us of responsibility to provide you with the agreed amount of views.

How Long Shall I Be Expecting the Results?

To start with, we need to make sure that your video falls under YouTube regulations. After that we confirm your funds have entered into our account. In general, we add your video in our system the same day we receive the payment. The rule of the thumb is 12 – 24 hours for procession of orders for less than 50,000 views.

What if My Video Is Banned or Removed from YouTube?

Our policy is to avoid working with illegal software, spam or artificial views. We also stay away from working with videos that cannot follow YouTube rules against scammers, spam or deceitful content. Nor can we accept videos containing pornography, racial humiliation or sexual abuse, or scenes of violence towards animals.

I Checked My Video on YouTube. It Is Frozen/ Stuck. Help!

You should not worry. On YouTube they freeze views counters after 300-400 views to check your video manually. They must make sure there were no artificial views. Our service, providing you with real manual traffic, saves you worries. We can help in unfreezing of a stuck account. With us you shall start receiving real views, even if your video was dead stuck for months!

How Can I Call off My Order and Receive a Refund?

We refund only if your video was not approved and started being processed yet. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund, if we have already started working on your order.

I Have Built TrueView In-Stream Ads Into My Video. Shall You Accept It?

Sorry, we shall deny. We feel that a viewer should like watching your video, and not the advertisement.

My Video Contains Overlay In-Video Ads. Is It Accepted?

Sorry, since 25th June, 2012, we cannot accept any built in overlay videos, nor can we accept any kind of Google Adsense Advertisement for that matter. We shall ask you to disable this function in your video.

Can You Guarantee Speeds?

We can only estimate daily speeds. The actual speeds shall certainly vary.

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