Google Introduces ‘Send To TV’ Feature To Update YouTube iPhone And iPad Apps

Date: 14.03.13

Google Introduces ‘Send To TV’ Feature To Update YouTube iPhone And iPad AppsOwners of iPhones and iPads can improve their experience of using modern devices by taking advantage of a new feature recently issued by Google. Being called ‘Send to TV’, this feature is a Google update equivalent to popular Airplay. It allows users to pair their gadgets to selected TV sets in seconds, making playing videos from the app on any TV easier than ever.

‘Send to TV’ is compatible with numerous Google TV-enabled gadgets, such as SKUs created by leading manufacturers that displayed their products at CES earlier this year. The feature works well with Xbox and PS3 if you take some time and effort to perform intricate manual pairing with your application. In addition, ‘Send to TV’ allows users who share the same Wi-Fi networks to gather in group to add new videos to your playlist and control playbacks.

The new feature introduced by Google had been a priority for owners of Android gadgets. However, with the expansion to new iOS, the company has a greater potential client base than never before. Keep in mind the fact that over 25% of YouTube views are performed with the help of mobile devices. So, you will see the reason why Google wants to make its iOS equipped with the ‘Send to TV’ feature. In the end, the number of users able to enjoy Google TV will skyrocket in the future. It is interesting to note that in spite of a rocky start, the feature gains popularity with many TV OEMs.

The new application is very handy as it has Capture integration. So, you can use it to upload and record different files at any convenient time. Even though you may need several applications, you can be sure that your experience of using new devices will be enhanced.