Harlem Shake Is Commemorated by YouTube

Date: 27.02.14

The world’s largest video streaming platform has a nice surprise for its users. When you enter the phrase “do the Harlem shake” on YouTube search, this initiates a funny dance right on the search page!

Similarly to Harlem shake videos, the dance on YouTube starts from back-and-forth movements presented by the company’s logo. Very often this part of the dance is performed by a person wearing a helmet or a strange hat.

When the beat changes, the whole page and all the thumbnails and descriptions start shaking, imitating the crazy dance or its meme’s version.

Being a month of the most romantic holiday -Valentine’s Day, February was also the time when Harlem Shake became a smash hit on the web. Its meme was introduced at the beginning of February and was imitated by numerous important organizations, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and… the US Military.

Recently, it has been proved that there is a clear reason behind the popularity of Harlem Shake meme. But no matter what scientists say, this meme is spreading like wildfire. Maybe you also did one?

Numerous videos imitating the dance have appeared in only one month. Many people say that some particular Harlem Shake would be the last one, but so far, more and more ‘shakes’ are performed every day.

Since 2002, Google has been doing fun tricks on users from numerous countries all around world. Still, the Harlem Shake tribute is already as great as it could be. In the end, YouTube is the place where this crazy dance came into being and where its meme originated.