How can you turn YouTube into an effective marketing tool

Date: 18.11.12

Today we are living in time of enormous freedom that internet and social media give us.

Per example, a few years ago we would buy our music from a specialized store. Today as much as 64% of teen-agers report they find all music they need on YouTube, and listen to it 24/7 with the help of their phones or other devices for free!

On the other side, adult audience of YouTube music is not more than 7%. I would not underscore YouTube in adults, though. People over 30 find a great deal of educational or humorous videos on YouTube.

Modern technologies allow us to upload, share and comment on videos practically from any place of the Earth, staying connected to our likes and preferences.

Knowing all that, would you still object to seeing YouTube as an effective social media platform?

One side of the medal is that YouTube cannot be compared to any other known social media in making your product closer to consumers.

On the other side, on YouTube you can create such image of the product, which rarely can be created elsewhere. On YouTube to succeed you need to be informal, warm and humorous.

Interested in becoming popular with YouTube? Here I’m putting some observations I managed to figure out so far.


  1. Let’s sort it out. Understanding the kind of the video you are going to make. To start with, you need to clarify to yourself, whether your video should be of educational, humorous, or just scenic nature. It shall help you to keep to the chosen format and not to disappoint your audience.
  2. How long should be the video? Psychologists figured out that generally people can hold their attention to a video for not more than 1 minute. Most likely, your video should not be much longer than that.
  3. How to promote it effectively?

Today marketers suggest promoting your creation on your main web-site and other social media platforms. Such strategy leverages output of ALL of your media platforms in synergy.