Marketing on YouTube: 6 handy tools for social media promotion

Date: 23.11.12

Not often internet marketers consider YouTube as an effective social media platform. But are they right? With 72 hours of videos uploaded each minute it gives us plenty of chance to make our product noticed. Interestingly, authors of the service offer a range of tools to help us.

  1. Advertisers Playbook. Clicking on this YouTube link you’ll find all you wanted to know about creation of videos by yourself. You’ll be guided through the whole process, starting with making a video, and finishing with the best publication practices. This tool was obviously created with prospect of team work in mind, as it allows different participants to gather on one page.
  2. Creator Playbook. This tool teaches you of the best-working techniques of social media marketing for your videos. If it is the first time you intend to use film-making in your company promotion, you can find a great lot of useful arguments to convince your boss.
  3. Closed Captioning. Not only does it help people with hearing disabilities. This great tool assists in categorizing the video correctly. Previously annotations were thought to do this job. However, they proved not that effective as their authors would want them to be.

Sometimes people fail to explain what they have done correctly. This automatic tool helps to sort your content into right internet cells.

  1. Ranking Engagement Instead of Plain Clicks. This is YouTube’s new attitude towards the uploaded content. The more interesting it is – the longer people spend watching. Now YouTube ranks for time spent on a page, rather than for a click itself. This should stimulate partners to improve quality of their videos.
  2. Analyzing Annotations. This tool helps you to understand, if your annotations work for your video. In fact, it allows you to achieve your marketing goals.
  3. Tools for NPOs. There are plenty of helpful tools designed especially for non-profits. For example, an online tracking of contributions. A good one is possibility to record views or people, who subscribed. To my opinion, a very useful tool is the one allowing you to show people history of their contributions.

Hopefully, the above information inspired you on using YouTube in your next promo campaigns.