People who are making hundreds of thousands dollars with YouTube

Date: 28.11.12

Would you presume that sharing videos on YouTube can be a source of profit, comparable with your ordinary salary? And how would you remark on an implication that this occupation can bring you as much as hundreds of thousands dollars yearly? Would you lol? You’d be wrong!

No one says that earning on YouTube is the easiest way of making a living on internet. Nonetheless, if your passion is creating your own videos and sharing them with other people, you can undergo a certain registration and approval procedure on YouTube and start obtaining your share of advertising budget.

YouTube pays to their approved partners for display of commercials on their pages. The ads can be displayed before your video starts, they can play in the bottom of the monitor at the time of the demonstration, or they can show next to your video.

What you need to do is adding attractive videos regularly and promoting your creations on social media. The more viewers – the more groceries you bring home.

There are 5 people making over 100K yearly on YouTube, and one of them is a teenager. These people turned their humorous attitude into descent bucks. Intrigued to know how?

  1. Shane Dawson. Ranked first with $315,000 yearly.
    Shane subscribed to YouTube in 2008. Since then he managed to obtain slightly less than 3 million subscribers (2,894,355, making it precise), and his 191 videos were viewed 672,756,760 times!
  2. Dane Boedigheimer holds the second place with his cartoon “The Annoying Orange”. The character brings him juicy $288,000 yearly. 135 videos of the fruit were viewed 1,097,124,662 times; and 2,364,764 people subscribed. No wonder the series should be broadcasted soon. The channel is kept in secret for the time being.
  3. 3. Philip De Franco is at the third place with a video blog by his name, where he speculates on gossip and political news. He started the blog in 2006, when he was a student of East Carolina University. In 2008 he was announced as the sexiest geek by readers of Today he has got 2,024,578 subscribers; his 857 videos were viewed 824,131,630 times.
  4. 4. Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) is ranked the forth with $151,000 yearly. An exotic Japanese-American boy born in Hawaii started his career in video-making with lip-synching. Today he is a famous comedian with over 150 million hits. Episodes “How to be Ninja” and “How to be Gangster” gained enormous success to him and his Yabo Team. His 111 YouTube videos were viewed 1,132,245,581 times. 5,155,311 people subscribed.
  5. 5. Lucas Cruikshank is at the bottom of the list, but not sure he is upset with $146,000 yearly in his 16. His creature, Fred Figglehorn – a bizarre six-year old helium-spoken boy, – earned matchless popularity with youngsters. Fred outran even Hannah Montana, who is a true superstar amongst teenagers. The series are to appear on “Nickelodeon” soon. 112 videos were viewed 897,285,030 times; 2,261,470 people subscribed.

As you can see, it takes being creative, humorous and active in social media to become a well set off with YouTube. Inspired?