Voogen’s policy is assuring superior service to our customers, no matter how considerable their orders are, or how long their history with us is.

If you procure one of our “Guaranteed” services, it means that, should you are not receiving the full service in scope of terms of your order, we shall give you money back.

Our Customer Dept personnel are there to hear any doubts or observations on our service you might have. If you are feeling your expectations are not being met, we suggest you approach us to find the way out together.

If the problem yet persists, we shall give you a refund. The refundable amount is subject to an individual decision, on a case-by-case basis.

Kindly consider that, due to operational restrictions, no refund can be assigned, if the order was already approved by us and started being processed.
NOTE If we notice that a visitor is mistreating our web site, or any part of materials/ information published here, such a user shall be banned for good with no refund, no history to be considered.

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