YouTube customized brand channels’ design

Date: 06.11.12

Earlier this year YouTube decided to narrow list of customizable channels’ designs. From that time, only some choice was left available for free.

You can choose between only four layouts. You can apply a unique colour for the background, and use your own background picture.

You cannot use an original theme; neither can you change colours inside the content frame.

Playing with different options inside the new design is a privilege of partners.

But what if you cannot spare a few thousand dollars to become a partner? Is your channel ascribed to be dull and plain?

Not necessarily. Improvising with new customizable features can assign your brand channel its own unforgettable face, if you are creative enough. Let’s see what is left to us.

First of all, you need to consider YouTube’s new feature of centring of the content as default. They do it to make it accessible via various browsers. Thus work your video up to fit into the window.

These 5 features concern customizing your background:

  1. An image for background. You can change it from time to time, so that your customers are not bored. There you can place your advertising slogan, or other sort of call for action.
  2. The left side column. There I suggest placing icons of your products. Beware of the size of the image. If it’s full size, some browsers would cut the left edge of it.
  3. Your content area. Same thing, compress it for better reproduction.
  4. The upper area of the page is left for your banner. There you can place your contact information, or just put the tagline sentence.
  5. The right side column. There it is handy to put up your social media contacts and the link to your website.

Hopefully these tips shall help you to customize your YouTube brand channel nicely and without going out of your budget.