YouTube New Feature: Music Subscriptions

Date: 04.02.13

The biggest video storehouse, better known as YouTube, is about to introduce a music subscription plan for potential and current users. Fortune states that this service is aimed to help users listen to new and dated tracks online. Additionally, it may cut the amount of commercials preceding each clip for subscribers.

YouTube’s profit heavily relies on small videos streaming before actual clips and sales of banner commercials. In such a way, the company cuts earnings of many record enterprises.

The statement made by YouTube executives has confirmed that the company is about to launch a subscription service campaign, but it is not going to get rid of ads.

YouTube entering music providers’ game is reasonable. Many people refer to YouTube when they are eager to watch and listen to new tracks fast. Even though videos may not be of the highest quality, they still can do the trick. Well-thought subscription plans are very likely to increase videos of higher quality whilst raising YouTube to a new level of excellence. Some people believe that top notch subscription service and better fidelity of clips may help YouTube compete with popular music labels, such as Warner Music, for example.

Google, the biggest search engine in the world, has already established partnerships with many music publishers, including Armonia. This alliance has given Google access to over 5 million tracks in numerous countries.

In the bigger scope of things, Google may blend its subscription services with Google Play Music plan. Last December, the company introduced a new free feature called ‘scan and match’. It allows people to add numerous tracks from their collections to the Google cloud and listen to them at any time they want.