YouTube’s in Search for Better Videos: A New Production Space Opens in Tokyo

Date: 17.02.14

YouTube’s in Search for Better Videos: A New Production Space Opens in TokyoIn the recent years, YouTube has been continuously investing in technologies provided to the creative individuals who upload new clips to the biggest video sharing platform. Purchasing Next New Networks was the first step to improve the performance of the YouTube creative community and the quality of clips. Since then, the company spends a fortune to provide state-of-the-art equipment and tools along with proper training to its employees.

The next biggest step taken by the company last year was the opening of new spaces in Los Angeles and London. Those facilities were created to attract many talents in North America and Europe. Today, YouTube has paid much attention to opening a new space in Japan to get some visibility among specialists from Asia. The Tokyo facility is located in the modern Roppongi Hills complex.

Similarly to other production spaces, the new facility is aimed to select potential partners who may be granted free access to YouTube tools and equipment. Creators will be able to introduce their ambitious projects and improve their skills while working with the best professionals from this part of the world.

Usually, people who want see themselves as members of the YouTube production team can apply at The company starts application process at the beginning of April. It chooses the best applicants by the end of May.

Accepted candidates have a chance to use top notch facilities, including modern cameras, sound stages, production equipment and editing tools, for about three months. The new space in Tokyo features several production studios, screening and equipment rooms along with post-production facilities, such as a foley room and edit bays.

Not only will the space provide support for creators, but also will it host important events, such as Google hangouts and numerous music sessions.

By creating new spaces of production in LA, London and Tokyo, YouTube continues to offer support and proper training to independent specialists. Still, this company is not the only one who takes care of new talents. Many international networks, i.e. Maker Studios and Machinima, follow the lead and provide substantial funding and support to creators with a view to getting more visibility.